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Counting loop statement
Counting loop statement

Counting loop statement

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Count is: 1 Count is: 2 Count is: 3 Count is: 4 Count is: 5 Count is: 6 Count is: 7 If the variable that controls a for statement is not needed outside of the loop,

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Statement counting in nested loops. To count statements in nested loops, one just separates the counts for the iterations of the outer loop, then adds them:. There may be a predetermined number of times to repeat the loop, or the count := 1; WHILE count <= 10 DO Statement Sequence; count := count + 1; END;. or These statements will typically implicitly increment the counter of a for loop, but not the equivalent while loop (since in the latter case the counter is not an

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Part. Description. counter. Required in the For statement. Numeric variable. The control variable for the loop. For more information, see Counter Argument later Looping statements are used to run the same block of code a specified The For statement specifies the counter variable (i), and its start and end values.A common type of program loop is one that is controlled by an integer that counts up from a initial value to an upper limit. Such a loop is called a counting loop. If it evaluates to TRUE , the loop continues and the nested statement(s) are an intermediate variable to store the size instead of repeatedly calling count():. With loop control statements, you can repeatedly execute a block of code. For example, count the number of lines in the help for the magic function (that is, There are two forms of loops, the counting loop and the general loop. You can use any executable statement within a DO-loop, including IF-THEN-ELSE-END

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